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On St George's Day sharing osiers and sheep

Project „Innovative Adult Education for Sustainable Rural Development“
On St George's Day sharing osiers and sheep

‘I allow to start working in fields’ laughingly said the head of the department of agriculture of Vilkaviškis region Vitas Gavėnas when starting the fest of St George's in Gražiškiai.
From early morning craftsmen were settling near Community house of Gražiškiai. Just after the Holy Mass in common place of borough fests near stadium people started to horse about. There saplings of osier were given, village people were congratulated.
People could taste homemade bread, because in Lithuania on St. George’s day people eat ceremonial bread, do the first works of spring, flock livestock in fields. In old times villagers on St. George’s day gave livestock a stroke with a bough of osier therefore they would be healthy, thick and safe of wolves.
One ram was blessed with an osier and was also celebrating with all the people. Other nineteen pregnant sheep were led into people’s cowsheds.


Community of Gražiškiai got money for sheep from Europe maintained project for osiers planting as an alternative energy source. People who got sheep their first increment will have to give to others. According to the chairwoman of Gražiškiai community Alesė Jankaukienė, this sharing has notably bridged amiability in community, neighbours have become closer.
After a little concert people could also taste an omelette cooked on bonfire which was being made by a chairwoman of Sūduva borough’s community Rita Brazaitienė.
Guests of fest could see an exhibition of local children drawings in theme “Help-hand for poor”. Thereat people could hear about growing osiers, maintenance of livestock or just discuss about relevant problems.
Various craftsmen presented their production: the family of Vieraičiai from Žalioji sliced their homemade bread, Antosė Valaitienė from Daržininkai baked pies, student of Sūduva secondary school Inesa Dereškaitė sold her handmade roses from burlap, polish from Vižainis presented their cheeses, women vended various wool products and the community of “Virbalio vartai” poured homebrewed kvass. People could handy buy various saplings.
The razzle-dazzle of fest had not stopped till midnight, guests were dancing and singing.
‘People who have held this fest collected and donated a lot of food for needy of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. We have not expected that kind of generosity’ said the chairwoman of community of Gražiškiai A. Jankauskienė.

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