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Handicraft festival called together tons of people

Project „Innovative Adult Education for Sustainable Rural Development“
Handicraft festival called together tons of people

Last Saturday the traditional Sudovian handicrafts festival took place at Paežeriai estate. Organized for the sixth time, the event brought together a lot of folk artists, merchants, handicrafts and art lovers, visitors not only from outside the region, but also from all over Lithuania more than ever.
Sudovian handicrafts festival in Paežeriai was started by „Kybartai“winds orchestra, led by Antanas Ziegoraitis.

The orchestra leader, who has recently celebrated his fiftieth anniversary, received from festival presenters Daiva Kasulaitienė and Liutauras Kasulaitis a gift of Vilkaviškis citizen weaver Valė Babinskienė- woven Vincas Kudirka National Hymn.


Later, everyone was invited to look at the artistic composition, during which the path of the rye to bread and flax was demonstrated - to strip weavers, as well as disclosure of the traditional Sudovian products from clay and metal.

Most audiences have been received by bringing the country choir „Suvalkietiškas kiemas“, which in the previous year used to invite them to Vilkaviškis cultural center. Visitors were also entertained by Alvitas „Širvinta“, Paežeriai „Gulbinėlis“, Girėnai „Versmė“, Vilkaviškis children and youth cultural center and Vištytis culture house choirs, Vilkaviškis „Vingis“. Young „Vyželės“dancers and folk ensemble „Sūduviai“ also participated in the program.
Funny fat storage flitch race and race by skis were held in the festival, the smallest festival participants were also entertained, playing in „Vaikų parkas“.
It was possible to have a great time while examining handicraftsmen yards or farmers‘ brought pet exhibition, to try culinary heritage benefits. Those who wanted could learn to beat the butter, forge iron, throw clay, wattle from wicker or straw, manufacture jewelry and other handicrafts, to carve, wove, plait cords. Hungry ones were entertained by pancakes, homemade bread and honey.
Those who wished to embalm in the ancient image could do it in a retro photo studio. Interested in Paežeriai estate environment have been transported by wagonettes. Spectral hill, which has been exhibited in various regions of rural communities in the most donations made dolls received the huge interest,.
The festival did not keep anyone indifferent. Good mood was shining in everyone‘s faces. Sudovian handicrafts festival was organized by the National Museum, Vilkaviškis region local business group and Vilkaviškis cultural center.


Lina Kružinauskienė, chairman of Vilkaviškis region local action group said that funding for the festival was received from the EU sponsored Lithuanian-Polish cooperation program project „Creation of long-term cultural cooperation networks on both sides of the bordero“. Under this project, four different events are scheduled in Lithuania and Poland, Rutka Tartak area, i.e. two in each country. The first was held last Wednesday in a neighboring country near Šešupė, the second became Sudovian Handicrafts Festival, to which the project partners from the Polish representatives came into.

During this project, the Poles acquired the stage and tables with benches, Lithuanians - modern sound equipment and five large pavilions.
Vilkaviškis district municipality has traditionally contributed to the organization of the festivalį by funds, regularly supporting country‘s cultural events. Aušra Mickevičienė, the initiator of craftsmen festival initiator, Vilkaviškis National Museum specialist was pleased that this year there were more organizers and, therefore, the quality has improved.

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