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Rural Communities Union of Vilkaviskis Region

Project „Innovative Adult Education for Sustainable Rural Development“
Rural Communities Union of Vilkaviskis Region

After starting first 24 rural communities of Vilkaviskis region united to Rural Communities Union of Vilkaviskis Region in 18th October, 2003. At the moment, there are 55 acting rural communities in Vilkaviskis region.
Most of them – 13 – are in township of Šeimena, 9 - in township of Klausučiai, 8 - in township of Kybartai, 6 – in township of Bartninkai, 5 – in township of Pilviškiai, 3 – in townships of Keturvalakiai, Pajavonys and Gižai and 2 – in townships of Vištytis and Virbalis. They all belong to the Rural Communities Union of Vilkaviskis Region.

Since establishing we inform communities about possibilities of participating in various projects, we teach how to prepare and pursue them. We gained money for consolidating the union from Baltic-American Partnership Program, Open Society Fund Lithuania, World Bank, The Netherlands Embassy, Lithuania Ministry of Agriculture and from municipality of Vilkaviskis region.
Currently we are pursuing the project of the European Economic Community and Norwegian Financial Mechanism fund, which has given an opportunity to acquire computers with accountant software, printers and to have internet connection for one year for all rural communities.
We do not wait somebody to say what to do, we speak about our problems and think how to solve them. At this point we get strong support from Municipality of Vilkaviskis region, which let out use their quarter and internet connection, also Lithuania Rural Communities Union and Chamber of agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania.

Municipality of Vilkaviškis contributes to our projects, support our ideas. Together we always discuss.
In my opinion, only the local people know what is important to them and how to solve going problems. Like in all Lithuania the main problem in our region is unemployment and the sequels of it – thefts, hooliganism and migration. The number of schoolchildren is decreasing, therefore country schools are being closed.
In attempt to improve quality of life in countryside rural communities of Vilkaviskis region have prepared and enforced many projects – Vilkaviškis municipality‘s assigned buildings are being repaired or are repaired, children playgrounds and sport grounds have been set, many trips, festivals and seminars are organized for rural communities.

Rural Communities Union of Vilkaviškis region has embraced state support for rural communities and local activity groups and has got sponsorship of about 1,5 million litas for 76 projects.
Several communities have prepared projects for Lithuania Ministry of Social Security and Labour – communities of Gražiškiai, Gudkaimis and Gižai townships had got financial support and set house of community to render social services for country people. The amount of projects was about 600 thousand litas.

The GEF Small Grants Programme together with Lithuania Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environment and Baltic Charity Foundation Heifer Project International have sponsored four projects of communities in our region. Alvitas community built a boiler plant, which uses straw – amount of the project 65 thousand litas,
Keturvalakiai community produces briquettes of straw – amount of the project 250 thousand litas, Gražiškiai community has planted badlands with osiers and produces wood chips – amount of the project 200 thousand litas and Vištytis community has acquired livestock and rabbits, whom are given to needy country people – amount of the project 300 thousand litas.
All of the communities of Vilkaviškis region have actively participated in arrangement of the strategy of the rural development of Vilkaviškis region.

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